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Welcome To Booner Bucks

Every hunter has the dream of one day shooting a trophy buck, or what we call a Booner Buck.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing big deer and having that once in a lifetime experience of shooting a record buck. Every year, huge bucks are taken by hunters (just like you) who happen to be in the right place, at the right time.

The right place is Saskatchewan, and the time is November.

Just imagine for a moment…

You are sitting in a deer stand on a cold November morning; it is 5:30am and dawn is coming.  Your guide gives you a few tips, wishes you luck, and walks away. The sound of his boots pressing on fresh snow quickly turns to silence.  Forty minutes go by, and daybreak has arrived.  The red squirrels are waking up and scurrying about, a raven flaps its wings above you, its caw echoing out into the vast Northern sky.

You are in booner country, living the dream.

Suddenly everything is quiet, a quick flash of white and brown catches your eye as a doe comes running out of a bush.  She stops and looks back.  You hear a heavy crashing followed by a deep grunting sound.  Your heart starts racing, and the doe takes off. The crunching gets louder, more deep grunts follow, and then you see him: A large, gray body coming through the bush on the same trail as the doe.

His body is big and dark, but his head is hidden behind a giant spruce tree. You raise up your rifle and look through your scope.  You see a few points of his rack, and then he steps forward.  You start counting points, your heart is racing, and your mind recalls what your guide told you, “These deer are big!  Their ears are 18″ wide!”

You start talking to yourself, “Should I shoot? Is this my trophy?”  Then you realize—it is only the first day of the hunt. You recall what the guys at camp told you: NEVER shoot the first deer you see, UNLESS it is a Booner Buck!  “How will I know?” you ask. Believe me…You will know.

Welcome to Booner Bucks.